Neil Fulford - Artist

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Please browse the gallery to see examples of paintings created by Neil Fulford.

Neil’s work is art & design led, it has a freshness of approach and is a painted piece, not a photographic essay or collage. Specialising in acrylic painted art for motorcyclists and car enthusiasts, his original art depicts motorbikes & art in an unconventional & imaginative way. Individual commissions are also very welcome on a more traditional style & a variety of subjects. The scenic paintings within the gallery have been mostly inspired by places Neil has travelled to or visited whilst touring on his motorcycle.

Acrylic paints are Neil’s medium of choice. They help him to work up vibrant layers of colour and detail without the long drying times of oil paints. He usually paints on thick coloured art card that helps give him a firm base to work on.

View ‘The Motor Choreography Collection’ within the Gallery categories. Posters of the collection are available to purchase from Neil, email neil@artybarn.com. Each print has been limited to 500 of each, personally signed and numbered in acrylic by the artist.
Below Neil describes the collection;

“My passion for art & biking are mixed together to create a symphony of chrome, colour, cylinder heads, exhaust pipes, tanks & levers all orchestrated in a choreography of waltzes, tangos & twist. I hope this new series of posters is as magical to you motorcyclists, young, old & art lovers as it was for me when I was inspired to paint them.”

Components from classic, sports, and cruiser motorcycles all mixed together and painted in Neil’s distinctive style, fusing Dali & Ducati.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting or print please contact Neil